Real Betis
Osób online 1779

Pieśń Poor Scouser Tommy

Let me tell you the story of a poor boy
Who was sent far away from his home
To fight for his king and his country
And also the old folks back home

So they put him in a Highland division
Sent him off to a far foreign land
Where the flies swarm around in their thousands
And there's nothing to see but the sands

In a battle that started next morning
Under an Arabian sun
I remember that poor Scouser Tommy
Who was shot by an old Nazi gun

As he lay on the battle field dying dying dying
With the blood gushing out of his head (of his head)
As he lay on the battle field dying dying dying
These were the last words he said...

Oh... I am a Liverpudlian
I come from the Spion Kop
I like to sing, I like to shout
I go there quite a lot (every week)

We support the team that's dressed in Red
A team that we all know
A team that we call Liverpool
And to glory we will go

We've won the League, we've won the Cup
We've been to Europe too
We played the Toffees for a laugh
And we left them feeling blue - Five Nil!

One two
One two three
One two three four
Five nil!

Rush scored one
Rush scored two
Rush scored three
And Rush scored four!

Pierwsza część przyśpiewki pochodzi z amerykańskiej piosenki folkowej - Red River Valley, napisanej w XIX wieku. Utwór można usłyszeć w ostatnich scenach filmu Johna Forda z 1940 roku - The Grapes of Wrath. Druga część pieśni jest śpiewana pod melodię The Sash, dzieła autorstwa the Orange Order.

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