Real Betis
Osób online 1790

Pieśń Anfield Way

Down Anfield Way the world is gay
All Kopites are to tingle,
With rows and rows of crimson flags
From Bootle up to Dingle.
The toast is to eleven men
Who wear the scarlet jersey.
Their names will live forever more
Along the river Mersey.

They'll take their place in history
Amongst the all time greats,
Thompson, Byrne, St. John, and Hunt
And Skipper Rowdy Yeats.
So let us sing a song or two
On Wembley's famous ground,
And let London town re-echo
To that famous Mersey sound.

They beat the Leeds two goals to one
And Rowdy met the queen,
And Gerry broke his collar bone
As brave as you have seen.
And when they bring that cup back home
Through streets all paved in Red,
Those LiverBirds will fly away
Just like Bill Shankly said.