Real Betis
Osób online 1660

Pieśń We're a Happy Band

We sing our songs with joy and pride,
Every time we watch our side,
In all the league we are top
We're members of the mighty Kop (mighty Kop)

Liverpool supporters we're a happy band (e aye addio)
That's because we're following the best team in the land.

We're leaving in the morning light,
Flying on a chartered plane,
By noon we'll be in Budapest,
By nine we'll know which team is best (team is best)

Hungarians may laugh and grin,
But wait till Roger bangs one in,
And St. John will make them frown,
We'll bring the irion curtain down (curtain down)

Their ghoulash may be up to scratch,
But that won't help them win the match,
When the winning goal brings down the house,
They'll all resort to eating Scouse (eating Scouse).