Real Betis
Osób online 1849

Pieśń Look Out Wembley Here We Come

Look out Wembley here we come,
With our best shooting boots on,
The Cup ties have started
You think it's a joke,
Each morning at training
This is what the players are saying
"When at your toe the ball you get.
Crack it right into the net,
And we'll get to Wembley yet,
Look out Wembley here we come".

See those twinkling toes of Payne,
Up to his old tricks again,
A flick and a twist,
He's away up the wing.
The half back left standing,
See he's also beat the full back,
Then across the centre will go,
Directly to Liddell's toe,
Crack! And the rest you know,
Look out Wembley here we come!